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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some corners of our house....

This piece has a neat history.  My mom redid it about 20 years ago, and then redid it again this year and gave it to me.  Love it.  Its paint job is beyond words.  Casey found the shed one day during shipping when he was helping a neighbor.

With my neutral phase, I have sometimes wished these were white.  Isn't that stupid?

One of my  favorite things, trouble is I bought it for one house and it hasn't had a great home since.  Might have to design a kitchen around it.

Very heavy

This was mine when I was a little girl, it went all over to college apartments, San Antonio etc.. Now its Ivy's

Ivy's desk....

Love this grey!  This is from my favorite store, Roughrider Antiques

My honey gave this to me for Valentine's!

back porch, simple old board from some old homestead (I bought it :( ) and added hooks, have a two more that are cool,  one of my favorite ideas for a simple home

Hattie's room at one point, she never slept here, then it became Clay's room...I just added it because I liked the pictures of a clean spare room.  This is past not present.

My kitchen a year ago, like it better now, no more TQ.

and this is the reality of our home, that stuff is baby powder
This is Ivy's room again, the only chandy in the house.  Here is to many more chandy's someday.

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