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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the topic of thanksgiving:

We missed Denley.
His little girls look just like him.  They are so little.
I loved being with all of the extended family this year,  I think I have always taken them all for granted.     My family too.  Its too easy to get taken up with all the expectations we have of our family and not appreciate them for just being them.  I just want to love them more.  We are so fortunate to have such nice families.   I am so thankful for that.  And, we will never forget Denley.

Hattie Cakes and computer crashes

Something else!

Quite relaxed with the camera.

Porcelain complexion 
So, my computer is over.  The tower died.  Who new?  I guess we should bury it.  I am still waiting to see if they can recover my pics and info.  Sigh.  I had even purchased a zip drive to save everything on, but it was bent so it would not even plug in.  Baby pictures of Hattie.  I am happy I started this blog.  At least I have some pics.  Its like a fire.  Oh well, maybe they can get them.  Meanwhile my kids are pretending to be dogs and drinking milk from bowls on the floor.  Ivy says at least its not the bowl the dogs were drinking their milk from.  I was feeling sweet and both the puppies were allowed to come in and play babies this morning.  Time for school, also a huge pile of laundry awaits folding.  A very huge pile.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You know your country when....

You open your front door and a hound dog runs in.  A hound dog that you have never seen before.  A beautiful, tired, red hound dog.  Turns out she was in the area hunting mountain lions.  I guess the mountain lions are killing a lot of elk. So, the neighboring ranch hired some guys with dogs to see if they could get a few.  Hubby called the guys and they came and got her (they had been looking for her.)  She was just adorable.  I love those sad looking doggies.

Book Review, by Ivy

     This book I am reporting on is called Olga de Polga, by Michael Bond.  It happens in England.  It is about a guinea pig named Olga.
    What I liked best is when Olga went to a talent show and won first prize for being the fattest guinea pig.  It was very funny.  I also liked it when the house was on fire and Olga raised a squealing-squeaking "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee."  It was kind-of scary
     It is also funny whenever Olga tells stories.  They are always funny and made up.  Olga meets Boris and they raise a family.  It is a very good book and I liked reading it.

The Complete Adventures of Olga Da Polga

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

This is our view when we come up out of our hidey-hole. We are down, out of the wind, thank goodness I tell ya!  This view makes me think about how tiny I am in the scheme of things....

Thank God Your a Country Boy

I do thank God you are a country boy,

 and that you can go with dad

and work together.


Monday, November 14, 2011

From my parent's farm....

This is from last year when we went to their farm to learn how to compost for a field trip.  Cousins and friends! Where was Hattie?

This is Millie.  She just had a baby bull.  I had my fingers crossed for a girl so I could get a milk cow.  She only likes my dad.  Her baby is Earl.  I haven't got to see him yet.

This coop is so pretty it needs to be in a magazine.  Its a chicken tractor, see the skids?  My parents built it.  My MIL has a really pretty coop too.  My coop is sorta ghetto compared to theirs.

Mom's front yard.  She gives me lots of plants.  We are going up there next week.  Its obviously not going to be this green--too bad.

A tidy enough garden you think?

She does all lasagna gardening and raised beds.

More on Ruby

Because it is her birthday, I am backtracking through the past 2 years.  
with her poppy

Teeny tiny, 1 day old

I miss having them so little.  I just love this picture.

sorry about the red eye

with daddy

Ruby in the spring.
With Uncle Chester, one of her favorite guys! (another b-day party in the back ground)

Present--2 year pictures

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ruby's big night....

Mr. Clayborn Norman--so sophisticated

I am so in love with this little girl.

She was DELIGHTED to have a birthday party, just delighted.

Daddy had to help get those candles blown out...

What fun neighbors and family we have.  Thanks for coming ya'll.

Party kids.

Yes I am cute.

That's so interesting Roger Coy, really do you thinks so?  (P.S I need to post Roger Coy's "squishy face.")

A new kitty, the best kind.

Some dads getting all high on caffeine.  Nice red eyes Jason.

Enjoying all her presents.  The AquaDoodle rocks!  Maybe she will now stop coloring on walls.  Not long after the party was over she was secretly pouring a glass of water on it.
Nothing like a picture of moms eating.  We were having a good time. 
What we ate:
This was a sorta last minute-ish party, but it was fun.  It was cooking weather, so we made leg of lamb with mint sauce, potatoes, broccoli and rice, baked beans, Pioneer Woman's corn salad, raspberry punch, chocolate sheet cake, cup cakes, and dinner rolls.  (Yes that is a lot of starches, I did not grocery shop for this dinner.)  No cooking for a few days!  I love cooking for crowds.

What we wore:
Ruby was so funny in her new dress, I just wanted to squeeze her.  She was sweet to share her new baby with her sister.  Highlight was the singing Minnie Mouse card from auntie.  Ruby was looking for Minnie in it.  

What we did:
Kicking. Screaming.  Visiting.  Laughing.  Eating
Does it get better than this in  a Sunday evening in November?

I think our house was at full capacity.  It just doesn't fit very many people well.  You have to come in sit down and not move, or you might be stepping on someone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

World's longest hallway?

Here is the deal, I am thinking of taking the trays down and painting big huge chalk boards with big huge lists for my kids to help them remember  some of the household rules, chores etc....  Should I do it?  Or will it be ugly? I can't decide.
The rug in this hallway is 20 feet long, there is an extra 8 feet it doesn't  cover.

Ivy's photo shoot of November:

Ivy took these pictures; what it looks like around here in November.
Front yard flower bed, this was its 2nd year, its even pretty after it freezes.  Lots of winter interest.

Coming down the run... I think these are Buff Orpingtons.

This is the side of the mesa behind our house.

Cute pic of Mercy, or oldest dog, she is Border Collie/Great Pyrenees.   She is so tired, so so tired.

The view from the  front of our house. This is our little lake, I have to say, because I am from Texas, it is bigger than it looks!

Nice composition.

Ivy's self portrait...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

School pictures

Someone is having a birthday!!! Its Ruby, November 14.  Need to plan a party!

Ruby Louise 2
 The next 2 pics are Ivy and Clay's school pics, since they are home-schooled we do what we want for portraits.  Yeah!
Ivy Anne age 9

Clay Talon age 7
 And Hattie, the little model:
Hattie Cate age 3