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Monday, November 14, 2011

From my parent's farm....

This is from last year when we went to their farm to learn how to compost for a field trip.  Cousins and friends! Where was Hattie?

This is Millie.  She just had a baby bull.  I had my fingers crossed for a girl so I could get a milk cow.  She only likes my dad.  Her baby is Earl.  I haven't got to see him yet.

This coop is so pretty it needs to be in a magazine.  Its a chicken tractor, see the skids?  My parents built it.  My MIL has a really pretty coop too.  My coop is sorta ghetto compared to theirs.

Mom's front yard.  She gives me lots of plants.  We are going up there next week.  Its obviously not going to be this green--too bad.

A tidy enough garden you think?

She does all lasagna gardening and raised beds.

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