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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hattie Cakes and computer crashes

Something else!

Quite relaxed with the camera.

Porcelain complexion 
So, my computer is over.  The tower died.  Who new?  I guess we should bury it.  I am still waiting to see if they can recover my pics and info.  Sigh.  I had even purchased a zip drive to save everything on, but it was bent so it would not even plug in.  Baby pictures of Hattie.  I am happy I started this blog.  At least I have some pics.  Its like a fire.  Oh well, maybe they can get them.  Meanwhile my kids are pretending to be dogs and drinking milk from bowls on the floor.  Ivy says at least its not the bowl the dogs were drinking their milk from.  I was feeling sweet and both the puppies were allowed to come in and play babies this morning.  Time for school, also a huge pile of laundry awaits folding.  A very huge pile.

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