Simple living in New Mexico...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We had the privilege to attend a 50 year anniversary dinner for a couple who are like family to us...So conveniently, here we have some wonderful couples who have been together many years....  What a wonderful thing to appreciate!
Fred and Kathy

Dogie & Joyce Anne

Me and Mine, (whew-whee I am looking like my Grandma!)

Another nice one!  Janie and Preston

Who are these wonderful people?

Almost 50 years together!

The newlyweds, they are glowing!

Another happy couple and the sweetest little girl ever!

And here they are, 50 years together!  What an example for us all.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mill Iron Open!

Our first week under our belt...

South sunlight to sit and rest your weary bones.

Coffee sacks and old tools...

I am selling these bags for $8.00 each!

Breakfast and homework bar!

And here is the coffee bar....

Friday, January 3, 2014

Coffee shop update and schoolroom redo!

The only thing missing is a permit and my espresso machine which I am going to miss having at my house!

Morning sunshine; the banner was one of our fun December projects....

We have a little inventory....working on more!

My mom and Ivy made this easel, we will stick it outside when we are open...

The powder room....I don't know if you remember the horror picture I posted from last summer :)

Bath door, chalk paint and upcylcled lumber for trim...

School room with the kids hard at work this morning, we have a lot of stuff in here!

The little girls area, first breakfast!

Paintings with chalk and buttermilk--Children's Art Lab....

Ivy'a corner...

The  art/project end of the studio....

Still moving in art, ans soap making supplies etc....what a mess!

Kindergarten art projects...

Clay's inspiring corner :)

Our office with snacks and groceries needing to be put away....

This is the butler's pantry, with our three compartment sink and a mop sink!

So Long December

The girls baked cinnamon rolls for a lot of neighbors and friends, and we delivered them and had some visits.  

We used Pioneer Woman's recipe and also copied her tradition of gifting the rolls!

New Winter dresses for Thanksgiving, from Zulily! My 1st experience with that company, love them!

We made two huge batches!

This was soooooo much fun! I can't remember having such a good time baking EVER!

Except someone floured the whole table (10 feet) and floor!  Love my concrete!

Fancy Bakers!

This is the new addition to our family!  Pippi the Piranha!  The sweetest little puppy in the whole entire world.