Simple living in New Mexico...

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Clean House

I just had to document this, because it reminds me that I do love my house when it is clean.  And it encourages me, when I look at the pictures to get to work!  Love days like these when I get to stay home and putter around the house all day.  We set up an office at home, so I don't even have to go anywhere to get billing done!!  Love it. Love my home.  Feeling very thankful for it all these days!
The trick was getting this 10 foot table in our tiny dining room.  Somehow, it works!

Rosemary, please don't die while your are visiting us in the house this winter.

The only way I like this kitchen.  BTW that pot on the stove is cranking out some serious moisture!

A little touch of greenery....

A rancher gave me the little tq. table out of an old dump he is tearing down.  It is so perfect!
Kiddos bathroom updated a little...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

L00K Who's 3

November 14!

She got a new bike, one of those little tiny ones that are so cute with training wheels.

And she got her own doll, like Donny-Dew,  but just hers.
The main thing about this birthday for Ruby is that she gets to start school!  Our school has the most wonderful preschool I have heard of!  The teacher's goal is for every time when they are at school to be like a gentle afternoon picking flowers or playing in the leaves.  It is not academic, which is very important to me!   They do a lot of cooking and snacking and stories and books on tape.  All the stuff I wish I did more of and did with Ivy--but don't seem to be able to do anymore.  With 4 kids, laundry, cooking, school, house, business, sigh.......I am on a short circuit.  So I love that they have a place to go guilt free for mom where I know they are learning and singing and happy! Hattie is starting Kindergarten next year, so we are going to spend some mornings together, just her and I..

Ruby hasn't got to go yet because now she has pink eye!  So next week will be when she starts.  She wants to go so bad, she told me she would pay me if I would take her. (where does she get this stuff?)  Hattie goes 2 days a week, and loves every minute she is there.  Ruby and I visited a few weeks ago, and had the best time ever!  I wish everyone could go to this class once in a while!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

White Sands Trip (lots of pics)

We sprang the kiddos from school one afternoon and drove over the mountains and through the desert to an interesting geological area of NM.  I had never been.  It is a very different landscape than I had ever seen, between two mountain ranges 40 miles apart.  This is the area that they exploded the first atomic bomb.  I love spontaneous trips like this, (we delivered a windmill to a man there.)

 The kids loved every second of it. We stayed until sunset and then went out for pancakes.  You have never seen anyone wolf down pancakes like these kids did that night.
 Even Casey took off his shoes and did this barefoot.  I think this was the 1st his toes had had air in a while.

Better than snow!  The sand is cool, but not cold!  Sledding barefoot works for me!