Simple living in New Mexico...

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Clean House

I just had to document this, because it reminds me that I do love my house when it is clean.  And it encourages me, when I look at the pictures to get to work!  Love days like these when I get to stay home and putter around the house all day.  We set up an office at home, so I don't even have to go anywhere to get billing done!!  Love it. Love my home.  Feeling very thankful for it all these days!
The trick was getting this 10 foot table in our tiny dining room.  Somehow, it works!

Rosemary, please don't die while your are visiting us in the house this winter.

The only way I like this kitchen.  BTW that pot on the stove is cranking out some serious moisture!

A little touch of greenery....

A rancher gave me the little tq. table out of an old dump he is tearing down.  It is so perfect!
Kiddos bathroom updated a little...


  1. Love it! I was sorting Ivey's room the other day and nearly called you to have you and Ivy come help us achieve the "less is more" level. I absolutely love the simple beauty of your home. And can well feel the warmth inside it...makes me want to come visit!!

    1. You should!!! That less is more idea is a constant battle...Can't wait to see you guys!