Simple living in New Mexico...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

White Pumpkins Anyone?

My neighbor sold a bunch of pumpkins for me at the farmer's market, but no one wanted the white ones, isn't that just crazy?  Next to the Cinderellas the Luminas (the white ones) are my favorites.  This was my first year to grow them, and I am so glad I did! I love a big pumpkin patch in the fall.  Snow is coming today maybe, that is a white thing that I am not too crazy about.  It does help to have cedars and pines mixed with it.  I can handle snow falling on cedars, its afterwards when the bright New Mexico sun comes out and blinds you.  Hope it doesn't take all our gorgeous fall color off the trees.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new chickens at the ranch

About couple months ago a bear got into the chicken coop and slaughtered 2/3 of my chickens and the duck.  Today we are pleased to announce 15 new chickens who just started laying eggs, thanks my good friend Julie for locating them.  So here are the gals.  My kids do all the chores for these birds, so they are no trouble :).  All I have to do is fertilize the fruit trees once in a while with the manure and figure out a million different ways to make eggs.

Clay, he takes care of the chickens everyday, after being told to do it.  Thanks Clay. (Yes, he is very ornery.)  He does a really good job with his flock.  He is even a cut throat eggs salesman, nothing gets by him.  His older sis is always looking on to make sure he does a good job.  Hope he doesn't grow up henpecked!

Sunday, October 23, 2011



This was from August when the monsoons hit and we had about 13 inches of rain in one month.  There is a mesa behind our house the water poored off like a huge waterfall, just the sound of it was unbelievable.

Pippy, almost a tragedy

It was almost a tragedy, I ran our precious Pippy over with the ranch truck, all the kids were with me and knew the second it happened and she was squealing.  They all started to cry hysterically.  It happened so fast and words can't express how I felt; being the careless one who ran her over.  Fortunately, she seems to be doing OK.  She was up sniffing around this morning.  What an amazing little dog.