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Sunday, January 13, 2013

More fun that we had

Some of the bowlers...

 Kermit & Ruby roller skating!

Hattie and Ruby's new friend

The little girls with our special meeting company,  Dale and Matt, and it was very special company! Big kids were at school here....

Dale is now one of their favorite persons  after walking upside down on the ceiling with him holding them up and burying him with their toys!  They loved the attention!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge FUN!

Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine, TX Jan. 2013
I am posting a lot of pics from this trip for the kids!!!

 The wave pool!

 Fort McKenzie--all about dumping buckets of water on people, then a 1000 gallon bucket drops on everyone!
 There is the 1000 gallon bucket!!!!
 Life jackets were provided for the littles....
 On the far wall are the big slides!  There are 2 bigger ones that you can't see here that the whole family can go down together, if they are big enough.  Hattie went down the orange one and the yellow one.
 The lazy river...
 Just before leaving :(
 I couldn't pick which one so I put both.
 These are the slides that come off of Fort McKenzie, Ruby even did these!
 The green slide drops into this pumpkin shaped thing and then spits you out at the bottom.  Soooo fun!
 Here is where you get spit out of the three...
 The stairs to take you way up to your good times!
 The tower clock in the lobby where they have story time every night at 8.

 Here is a good one of "the bucket."
 Clay dumping water on some poor person down in the lazy river.
This one is for the little people.  The girls had a blast on those slides on the back wall.

 More outside pics.  We love looking at these because it was such a rush.

Good by fun place.
The yellow and red was the Howling Tornado...It drops you down in that spiral thing and you fly up one side on your raft, and then the other and back to the other...That was sooooooooooooo awesome! (Ruby said this a lot on our trip.)   And much much more...................
Highly recommend this for a easy family trip!