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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

White Sands Trip (lots of pics)

We sprang the kiddos from school one afternoon and drove over the mountains and through the desert to an interesting geological area of NM.  I had never been.  It is a very different landscape than I had ever seen, between two mountain ranges 40 miles apart.  This is the area that they exploded the first atomic bomb.  I love spontaneous trips like this, (we delivered a windmill to a man there.)

 The kids loved every second of it. We stayed until sunset and then went out for pancakes.  You have never seen anyone wolf down pancakes like these kids did that night.
 Even Casey took off his shoes and did this barefoot.  I think this was the 1st his toes had had air in a while.

Better than snow!  The sand is cool, but not cold!  Sledding barefoot works for me!

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  1. Cool!! Morgan's family used to go there for vacation. What an awesome family outing. Hard to improve on just being outside enjoying nature with family, huh? Worth getting out of school for! :) Hope ya'll have a grat Thanksgiving! Maybe I will talk to you before then. Good to see what ya'll are up to!