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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Ranch Living Room

The living room covered in linen sheets.  Ivy cleaned it up for me today.  We just need to do mirrors and windows.  Check out the finger prints.

I found this chair at Salvation Army.  A store in Santa Fe went out of business and donated all their stuff they had left over.  It is as cool as it looks, I love it even more because it wasn't very expensive.

Do you see this!  Get it in the wash please.  Country, kids  and white couches, are you crazy! (well at least I can wash them, if  I just would.)

This was my Valentine last year.  Hubby cut off the legs to make it an appropriate height.  It use to be a prayer bench?????

This wood stove wasn't very well thought out by whoever put it in.  Its too hot in this tiny room and  this house does not have a good flow.  It's rooms are boxy so the warm air stays right in here cooks you while the rest of the house freezes.  I don't have a better solution though, besides sticking an antique cook stove there, adding on a huge living room and making this one a dining room.  Yes, that's all, no biggie.

Am I boring you yet?  Hey, btw this house looks better in photos than in real life.  Kind of like a homely girl that  is photogenic.

Another white couch covered by a linen sheet.  I actually really like the look.  I understand it.
No I am not fixin' to paint.  I had to break down and buy some linen sheets to cover my white couches because I don't want to wash them all the time.  Our living room is right off the kitchen and its sometimes hard to get faces and hands washed before they invade other rooms.   I love the way white couches look, but I have seriously considered getting some RIT on those babies or staining them with coffee.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Off to check out your kitchen garden!
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