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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ruby's big night....

Mr. Clayborn Norman--so sophisticated

I am so in love with this little girl.

She was DELIGHTED to have a birthday party, just delighted.

Daddy had to help get those candles blown out...

What fun neighbors and family we have.  Thanks for coming ya'll.

Party kids.

Yes I am cute.

That's so interesting Roger Coy, really do you thinks so?  (P.S I need to post Roger Coy's "squishy face.")

A new kitty, the best kind.

Some dads getting all high on caffeine.  Nice red eyes Jason.

Enjoying all her presents.  The AquaDoodle rocks!  Maybe she will now stop coloring on walls.  Not long after the party was over she was secretly pouring a glass of water on it.
Nothing like a picture of moms eating.  We were having a good time. 
What we ate:
This was a sorta last minute-ish party, but it was fun.  It was cooking weather, so we made leg of lamb with mint sauce, potatoes, broccoli and rice, baked beans, Pioneer Woman's corn salad, raspberry punch, chocolate sheet cake, cup cakes, and dinner rolls.  (Yes that is a lot of starches, I did not grocery shop for this dinner.)  No cooking for a few days!  I love cooking for crowds.

What we wore:
Ruby was so funny in her new dress, I just wanted to squeeze her.  She was sweet to share her new baby with her sister.  Highlight was the singing Minnie Mouse card from auntie.  Ruby was looking for Minnie in it.  

What we did:
Kicking. Screaming.  Visiting.  Laughing.  Eating
Does it get better than this in  a Sunday evening in November?

I think our house was at full capacity.  It just doesn't fit very many people well.  You have to come in sit down and not move, or you might be stepping on someone.


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  2. So..What happened when Ruby poured water on the AquaDoodle?

  3. It turned each quadrant a different color, very nice.....