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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ranch Kitchen

Fall kitchen table, hubby made this table last year, its about 10 feet long.  He did use a salvage piece from an old army mess table, it is gorgeous old walnut.  I still need a really cool paint job on the bottom.  I may join the chalk paint craze.  Found the bench last month.  I used to have white chairs around it, but the look was congested (but would love bistro chairs like Dreamy Whites).  I wish I didn't have anything on the counters, but that's too inconvenient because you have to like um cook in the kitchen.  Too bad.

(needs pretty chandelier here)
Also, there is just something about this kitchen.  It is never clean.  I clean it but it doesn't stay clean for more than a minute.  What is the problem?  Bad Feng Shui?  I need a solution.  Ideas out there anyone?  Oh, I almost forgot, I am painting the cabinets white.  They have a really truly ugly cream on them, almost a yellow.  This kitchen gets BLASTED with light.  I love the white, just need to finish it.

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