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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giddy-up little ponies and carry me home!

A morning walk....
 Buster has a big smile for us, or something, what is that look?  The little girls are so happy getting to ride.  They sing up a storm.  This morning it was giddy-up little ponies from a Strawberry Shortcake show.  On and on...and on...  Hattie wants the lead rope.  She thinks she is really big.  They are both tough cowgirls.  Buster is a little kid spoiled brat, he only does what Buster wants to do.  But Hattie coaxes him along, with some hard kicks and whatever else he needs.

Clay on his beloved Riata, I don't think he likes his pic taken.  Riata is about 17 or 18 now.    Ivy on her Cowboy, we love him so much, isn't he just a doll?  These horses are priceless.
Twister, hello gorgeous.
 Hattie, being happy.
 A highly cropped picture of mommy.
Home from the the range, the punchers return.  Happy November!!!

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