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Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Make Homemade Ranch Dressing, by Ivy

Materials:  one pint jar, spoon, milk, mayonnaise, Lawry's Garlic Salt (has to be this brand because of the parsley)

Step One:  Get the pint and put the 1 cup of mayonnaise in it.

Step Two:  Put milk in it and stir them in together. (Adjust to how thick you want it, it will thicken more in fridge.)  You can also use buttermilk.

Step Three:  Add 2-3 teaspoons of Lawry's Garlic Salt and stir them in together and put a little cling wrap on top of the pint.

Step Four:   Use it or put in the fridge.

This is how to make homemade ranch dressing.  It is very good, you should try it.

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  1. Ivy, this is delicious!!!! I made it the other day. From now on, I will never eat any other kind of ranch dressing. Good job!!!