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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It seems like its been cold and snowy 4-EVER!

Stepped out the front door and took this shot.  These guys were running around and having a lot of fun.
Have not been out in a while.  Feels like a lot longer than in has actually been.  Looking forward to getting outside for a bible study tom. night.....Someone told me recently kids need to get outside 30 minutes a day regardless of the weather.  That would do me some good as well.  The little girls did not go outside today, not once.   Yesterday we went out for 15 minutes, it was beautiful yesterday.
long days inside include hitting the peanut butter pretty hard

I can't imagine living somewhere where there was snow all winter.  Ew.
Non-stop fire going, very messy had to bring in the shop vac for this thing

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  1. Sounds super familiar! And we have 4 more months to go! But we are getting out and going to ID, OR and Southern Cal. for 3 weeks.. YAY!