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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pippi La Pu

Love the texture of this photo.  Ivy took it.
My first post was about Pippi getting run over.  Well, she is fine now.  Not quite as ornery and playful as she once was, and she takes a wide birth of vehicles.  Other than that she is back to work herding children. chickens, cats, and what makes her the happiest: cows.  She was born on Cinco de Mayo so she is getting to be a teenaged pup.  We just love her so much, Casey thinks she is the best dog in the world.  Today she was trying to harass the horses though, but they were completely ignoring her.  We were watching them, they didn't even move or flinch.  They are so over her. 

On another note, Ruby fell into the corner of the bench in the kitchen this morning and got a black eye.  Poor, poor little thing.  It breaks my heart to look at her.  She is tough though.  She cried for a minute and took off.  My baby..... She is trying out panties again today.  Ivy is the one who instigated it, so cute.

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