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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Paper Roses--sending you sunshine"

I have a friend here in town who is an amazing crafty lady.  After visiting her home, I have was so inspired to personalize mine more. I tend to lean more minimalist style, but frankly coming from her home mine felt pretty blah. So the girls and I have been working on adding more personal art to the house. We have let loose and are having so much fun!  So thanks Pam for the inspiration!
This is Hattie's bird nest flower.....

Ivy's bulletin board makeover!

Ivy's lamp addition.  We learned how to make these babies at our craft workshop at the coffee shop (from our dear friend)!

Hot glue madness.

Seriously, does fabric come any prettier than this stuff?

Another flower addition....

How is this one for texture!! !Made out of an old atlas book..
And feathers -- our latest thing!  After talking about doing a project ALL day with Ruby, we finally sat down tonight and did this one,  Should have taken picture from straight on, it would show the full effect of this "thing."  Finally a way for Ruby to use her paper cutting love!

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