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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bedrooms Redone and Garage Converted

Whew its been a long time since I updated this.  Hope to start blogging again, as I love to have a record of times past by.

Clay's Bedroom:

Walls are glazed with some Ralph Lauren goodness.  Finally a spot for cool NM map!

A few Saturdays ago we made this bed with barnwood from old shed we took down in backyard.  From a shed to a bed!  We do have the windows trimmed out but, they were not yet done the other day when I took these pics.  Navy linen curtains...

Ivy's Room
 These are the new windows in Ivy's room.  We went with our dark taupe glaze in here too.  Ivy was ready to have warm and cozy walls after the blue and white stripes...
 I took these pics without cleaning!  OOPS.
 A much needed bookcase.
 We added crown molding and big trim in here as well. Windows are done in here too.

Master Bedroom:
 This one was what we were working on all summer.  This was a whole entire family project as the kiddos took up the slack with housework and laundry so we could work on this on Saturdays!
 Big south facing windows!  We have not bought anything new for this project, we just spread our house out.  So nice to have more room!
Don't mind the dresser drawers, didn't clean for this!  We just LOVE this color!  I mixed the glaze color somehow with some outdoor trim color and a few other cans after a mess up and a panic and I couldn't tell if it was wonderful or horrible until all the trim was up and the concrete was stained....So glad I left it.  Ralph recommends taping off panels to make it look like fabric panels. I did this in this room but not the kids.

Next on the list is Hattie and Ruby's room.  Its going to be fabulous I think!

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  1. CARRIE!!!!! I hadn't checked your blog for ages, but I updated mine recently and started wondering if you had updated yours. WOW!! I LOVE the paper crafts, am AMAZED at the house project and so tickled you have your master bedroom done, and the black and white of all 4 kids is the most beautiful picture!! I really loved the descriptions of each kiddo. Glad to see you are all doing well. Miss you guys!