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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random December Stuff

Ruby in her cowgirl shirt from Grandpa. 
One evening it was awful quiet, so daddy went to check and found this little gal in her closet passed out! 

From the machine shop:  A random project Casey built for a fiber optics guy--some sort of tri-pod for some sort of thing.

A cold December morning they showed up dressed in their swimsuits with some Audrey Hepburn eyes.

On the farm:
These guys have been hanging out on our farm.  Behind them is the Pecos River.  They are so welcome here, as we are missing the wildlife from the ranch we used to live on.  We want to get a turkey feeder for them.
 And around the house:

I added some curtains to our dining room window.  

Also to the kitchen window.  I love the way it dresses it up.  Also, we do have some pretty ugly windows so I think it detracts from them a bit.

On Christmas Eve, Ivy decided to take down the lovely wallpaper from our entryway.  It was about time...So she spent all day and got it off.  It was hard.  I helped her some and put so much water on the wall that it went into a light switch and we had a current running through the wall for a while, so we had to take a break.

Then she painted an entry wall with chalkboard paint.  Fun!

Since flowers are not available right now, we are using spruce for  flower arrangements.

The living room is a  little more  cozy up for winter...Trying to add texture.

And layering it up a little more.....
Clay with the camera....
And not to forget Clay, here is a picture he snapped  of himself.

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  1. You guys are so neat. Always doing fun things. It makes me proud that Ivy does things like take down wallpaper, paint, bake, etc. I love your chalkboard wall. I enjoy your blog. Love you guys. Happy new year.