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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo

This is what we worked on last week,   300 pounds of trash later (Carpet, carpet pad, wall paper, some ugly pillar things etc..) and a lot (lot lot lot lot) of elbow grease and about $100 worth of paint wa-la an updated clean room.

We took the pillars and 1/2 wall out and patched and Casey hung a rod from the top so I could hang curtains. I think they glam it up.  Through the curtains is the m. bath and dressing room & closet.  We also removed mirrored sliding closet doors and opened the weird little area up for the dressing room.

The headboard is from Rhonda!  We are making a trade!  And the curtain is from her as well, it is hiding the ugly windows....

As for the floor, I painted it a tan, like Ivy's room, and it looked so bla, so I glazed it with black paint and that did the trick.  Now it looks like acid washed cement.  And the blemishes just make it more interesting.  I want to add a pretty chandy and a few things for the walls maybe, (really like it spare though).

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  1. Lovin' all the blog posts!! Love what you are doing to the house, love little glimpmses of what is going on in the house (kids falling asleep in closets,painting,wearing swimsuits in Dec. etc. *smile*)

    Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to seeing you SOON!