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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Bedroom...(sorry, a little obsessed w/ project)

One day I was sort of in a mood, so I told Ivy to pick any color and we would paint one wall in her room.  While we liked it for a while, it was fun.  We got sooo tired of it....You may like it better, but here below is what we did for her birthday!  Can you say DECLUTTER?
Ivy's room is nearly done.  All we need now are the curtains! (to cover up the ugly windows until....)

This took serious restraint.  It was hard.  But now I want the rest of the house just like this.  

All we have in here is what you see and a white trunk.  The closet holds a dresser....I kept wanting to add things, but Ivy  knew she wanted it really spare....On to spare the rest of the house, hooray!
Before the before!  

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