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Monday, April 16, 2012

New for us, but a NM Landmark!

Call this number if you need your windmill worked on or replaced or rebuilt!

Casey and his dad are buying this from an awesome family and we feel so fortunate to have this opportunity!

This is inside the machine shop where windmill motors are rebuilt, bearings, gears everything new!! 

Don't you just want to jump in?

Some windmiller's tools!  Fun!

This building has some character...(Hattie and her baby Donnie-Do in the foreground)
This is the welding shop where the fabrication is done.  Look at all the sails!  These guys rebuild windmills from the ground up.  They are better than new ones for much less expense.  This is the last place in the country you can find a 20 foot windmill or have one rebuilt.  Also they put them up, repair old ones, and fix well problems.  


  1. Congratulations!! We both love the building, Morgan would love to be inside the shop to look around, and we love what you've done on the house. What a HUGE step ya'll have made this year....a long held dream being realized. Know it has had its share of nightmarish moments, but hope that is past. :) We'll check in often to see how things are going. Thanks for the updates! Love, Morgan and Michelle

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, even though I made you! Are you keeping up with your blog at all? It was great talking to you and I am so excited about you being back in the Great State of Texas! Wish I could help you with your organizing...Come visit!