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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen dreaming

Restoration Hardware

This is where we start.  Hmmm....Its fine, useful, easy.  But aesthetically not very inspiring!
Change the knobs!   Oh why did they do the dropped ceiling in the 1980's?  When did that ever make a room feel/look better?  Goodbye 1980.

I have a small collection of this!  Hang some bleached out antlers next to it....
For now, I want to take all the uppers down?????  Paint the cabinets white.  Change the lighting.  Can you see it?
Old world meets white?  
This is perfection, do i dare?  I have the concrete floors, the mirrors,  and the table.  I can tell this is Atlanta Bartlett w/o looking!
Now to convince the husband!  (I have an armour just like that for my appliances or pantry cabinet.)
I would put my big butcher block in the middle of this kitchen and warm it up a bit.

My idea of a nice kitchen:  (this is just a start)
1.  Free standing cabinets or furniture

2.  Real, not plastic countertops, flooring

3.  Lots of light and nice windows

4.  simple, spare, and easy to clean

5.  White dishes

6.  A little bit industrial!

7.  A place you want to spend a lot of time.  A place that takes your breath away a little bit.  A place that is clean and elegant and rustic at the same time.

8.  Kids can jump in and cook

9.  Casual and comfortable;  friends can drop in and eat without me being embarrassed.

10.  Fresh herbs in the window, lemon in a baskets, bread baking in the oven.

More to come on this topic for sure!

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