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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its almost all melted.....

Thank goodness!  We had a lot of moisture from the end on Nov-the end of Dec.  When it snows a lot, a rancher works, a lot.  Cows need food, so we feed hay, and feed hay and feed hay.  And sometimes we get stuck.  BTW Chevy trucks have a very low clearance.  Thanks to Ivy, I have some pictures of the events!
This is one time when Casey stuck it and we had to bring the tractor and pull him out.  (This happened twice in one week.)  Trust me, driving a tractor with four kids bouncing along is not that fun.

During a blizzard, the cows stay up in the trees if they have any.  Cows are smarter than you think  (once in a while.)

Snow falling on cedars...I love to say that, its so poetic.

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