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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forward Motion!

Most friends who read my blog know that we are getting ready to move and start a new business.  (Casey's Windmill and Well Service).  Whats hard is being at a stand still.  We have sort of moved some stuff, everything we don't need.   Anyway, I really need forward motion to keep me going.  I am not finding that right now, so its pretty frustrating.  Don't get me wrong, there is plenty, and I mean plenty, to do.  But, I work best under pressure, so I am not doing it.  So that is what is happening around here.  Plus, we were back to school this week, after a 3 week break that was suppose to be really fun, but really wasn't too great for the most part.  (again because of the lack of forward motion.)  Does this make any sense at all?

So, since we are moving soon, here are some more home pictures just because...
I like to bring weeds in the house as much as possible.

I love crazy quilts.  The deep colors and textures of all the fabrics put together.  These are mandatory at our house in the winter!  BTW, Casey made this bed for Ivy, she is letting us use it until we move to Fort Sumner.  He is quite the craftsman, it is iron.  Someday he will make me a iron canopy bed I am hoping.

A very spare bedroom for quick clean up and relaxed sleeping (wish it helped anyway).  Trust me, I need all the help I can get to relax, it runs in my family we are not relaxed people.
I will say that the minimalist look that I am going for is easy to clean up and dust.  I love it when everything is put away and tidy.  This week we cleaned on Thursday, and have somehow managed to keep it pretty picked up over the weekend.  It is so much more relaxing when there is not junk everywhere in this house.  Especially since we have all been sick with fevers and colds.  ALL of us!  At least this way we can get it all over on one weekend and not stretch it out over the entire rest of the month and into Feb.  I HOPE!!!

So when we move, I am going to have many many huge garage sales at our new house.  It has a garage attached and is in a community where there are people!  Both of these things are helpful for successful garage sales  right?  

Stop by our blog next week to see the quilt we are working on....

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