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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Windmills in Texas

Aermotor tower and rebuilt mill with the aged look!

Mike and Casey getting ready to put up the third tower....

Pretty patina!

Auntie Rhonda  and kids resting in one of the mules.  There were two for the kids to drive around!

Mylon on the ground balancing the mill as it went up!

Ivy's photo session with Hattie in the sunflowers.

Up wth the mill!

It was sooooo hot, we drank gallons of water.

Ivy in the mule...

This one is pumping!

Going up!

Brother and sister tag team.

Lots of sweating!

When we were done we went to Mylon and Rhonda's house!  So lovely!  Then I pretty much quit taking pics--darn!

Fell in love with this store in Castroville!  Look at the colors!  So French!

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