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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring News

WOW its been a long time since I posted anything.  So I will do a big update with all (few) pictures that I have taken.
Lemon cupcakes from Casey's birthday! (back in Feb)

Clay has fallen in love with basketball.

We painted and redid Clay and the little girls' room to THEIR specs.

Happy with his cowboy room.

some double fudge cupcakes....yum!

Ivy and her broken arm.

Ruby and her kitten, on her "phone."

Lots of love and scratches.



I think this is the irrigation dance.

Pause for hugs.

Our workers cooked dinner (and lunch) as a present to me for my birthday!--YUM!

My new urns!  Casey made these!


Office redo!  (This is what I have been up to! My new place of work)

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  1. Wow!! What FUN to see what is going on at your house! LOVE the urns Casey made!! Bummer about Ivy's arm...what did she do? And I see you have been busy - the office looks amazing and Clay's room looks just right. :) See you soon!!