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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! This post is for Jennifer!

We had a good day!  Here is an update of some things around here since I haven't blogged in a while.


One of these is not nice and she ran me up the fence this week.  They have horns.  I still love Hereford cows best though!

The kids put out flags this morning.  Festive!

I sold a chair on Craigslist and bought these!  Love them.  

These opened up this week.  Hollyhocks.

See those naughty chickens?  The lambs love them.  They sit on their backs.

Casey built this for the kids this afternoon.  We had the swings from long ago. Hadn't seen them in 4 years?  Next we want to put reading nooks up in the trees to hold bean bags .

Casey also put this together for me today.  I know, he got a ton of stuff done.  Loved having him home.  His first Memorial day to truly have off since I have known him!

Ruby potty trained HERSELF this week. YES!

I am among the million other women who are having a love affair with burlap!

And back to my living room.  This is clean laundry, but I had a talk with myself WHO CARES!

And then we sorted through clothes--ugh.  But, good news,  we found a lot!

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