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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are moved!

This is an old pic of Fort Sumner.
Here is where I would post a picture of our new (to us) home.  However, I don't know where my camera is.    We are all moved in, now I need to start painting!  First we have to get all the pecans picked up from the back yard.  It is covered in pecans.  Our puppy, Pippi, loves to eat them so we renamed her Pecan Pippi of the Pecos. (As we  now live on the banks of the Pecos River.)  Yeah!

Pecos River
Yes, this is a town.

Fort Sumner is famous for Billy the Kid. 

It was established as a reservation to hold  both Navajo and Apache Indians who were marched across NM  "The Long Walk."  It is a horrifying tale.
This is the Bosque Redondo Memorial dedicated to those whose lives were lost on the reservation and "The Long Walk."

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  1. Wow, interesting history.. in all the years I lived there, we never made it to Ft. Sumner... we might have to come visit you! =-) Carson is really into the western stuff, so this would be right up his alley!